Crystal Clear Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning

window cleaning Our high detail window cleaning process will remove fingerprints, haze, bug spots, dirt, paint and mineral build-up on inside and outside of your windows. Our basic window cleaning service includes cleaning the window sills, sashes & screens. We also clean skylights, storm sets, tracks & frames.

Power Washing - Decks, Siding & Trim

power wash We are proud to offer hot water, low and/or high pressure cleaning of your deck or house. Our method removes harmful elements from these areas of your property using a gentle and safe low pressure process that is 100% biodegradable. We specialize in maintaining and restoring of decks. We also are happy to seal all types of wood to preserve their beauty. We can also remove dirt and mildew from the trim & siding of your house, rejuvenating its appearance.

Gutter Cleaning & Repair

gutterWe clean the leaves from gutters, downspouts and the valleys in the roof to prevent shingle and trim board rot. Coordinating gutter cleaning with window cleaning is a great way to take two "to-do's" off your to-do list and it also helps keep the windows cleaner longer.

Screen Repair

screen repairLet our pros take care of those holes in your window screens. We offer the highest quality in window, door and patio screen repair. We are also able to assist you in purchasing new screens.

Lanterns, Fans & Light Fixtures

lanterne clean lanterns, fans, chandeliers and we can also change any high bulbs for you. We are able to clean all dirt, pollen and other environmental factors that are accumulated on the glass.

Showers, Mirrors, Etc.

mirrorWe can clean your showers, mirrors, beams and anything that entails ladder work while we are at your house.


We use environmentally friendly products that are safe for your plants, pets and children!